I AM Consulting

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With over 34 years of experiences in Korean automotive industry and 30 years of export and marketing as well as international sales networking out of the 34 years, Mark Juhn is running a consulting firm. Its name is I AM Consulting Group - I AM stand for International Automotive Marketing.

The members at the consulting group are former executives of Hyundai Motor Company who were deeply engaged in international business for decades from the initial stage of Hyundai's export. Their experience in market development and insight into overseas as well as establishing sales network representing Hyundai brand in so many countries during the past years will surely help new starters in its initial stage of market research and corporate image branding in new markets.

As for Mark Juhn's experience and his capacity in turning around Hyundai Motor in the United States of America and also other countries worldwide, click
here or search the stories in the category Press in this blog or please contact us if you have interest in our role.
Should you have any questions please contact me via
mhjuhn@gmail.com or m-juhn@hanmail.net.

자동차 산업에서 34년 근무, 해외영업분야에서만 30년의 경험을 살려 국내외 자동차 마케팅에 대한 컨설팅 사업을 시작했습니다. 우리나라 자동차 시장에 진출을 희망하는 해외 자동차회사의 가이드를 해줄 수 있는 컨설팅과 우리나라 자동차 회사의 해외 마케팅에 필요한 업무를 지원해주는 업무를 수행하고 있습니다. 관심이 가시는 분은 지접 연락해주시면 언제든 여러분의 문제 해결의 열쇠를 제공해 드리겠습니다
전 명헌한테는
mhjuhn@gmail.com 또는  m-juhn@hanmail.net으로 연락을 주시면 즉시 회신을 답을 드리겠습니다.